Monday, October 29, 2012

Pranav – The Head Constable

               That was the Prohibition & Excise police station in Gajuwaka area. Inspector Raghuram ordered their staff to gather in his office. “I got an information that our local MLA is involving in making Sara (Sara is a local made alcohol which making is illegal). It has to be enquired and evidence needs to be gathered. Who will handle this case?” Raghuram asked. Entire staff was looking at each other. There was tension in their faces as they have to run after the local politician. And they were thinking that if the given information was right, they would have to file a case against the politician which may put their life in risk. Raghuram observed their tension and told a constable to call Pranav as Pranav was in leave. After some time, Pranav reported to Raghuram. Before he speaks, he observed the silence in the room and tension in their colleagues’ faces, and then asked Raghuram why he was called. Raghuram told him about the information and asked whether Pranav was willing to take this case. Without second thought, Pranav said yes to handle the case. With that answer, the remaining staff was shocked.

                Pranav was a head constable, got transferred to Gajuwaka excise police station 1year back. He is very sincere, dedicated and honest person. He had 15 years of experience in the department, solved many cases and got good appreciations, awards from higher officers. 

                He started investigation with the information Raghuram provided. First of all, Pranav enquired all his local contacts regarding the politician, his contacts and businesses. There was no much useful information with that enquiry. He also enquired the local youth and people who arrested previously in the Sara making cases. He got confirmation that the information was correct; the MLA has a hand in the Sara making & supplying. He has to find and gather the evidence where they were storing the stock, to face the politician. Pranav thought, generally MLA will assign these illegal tasks to those whom he believed most. So Pranav gathered a list of names that MLA believes most. He got a list of 10 names.

                Pranav knew that enquiring those 10 people as a police officer is very difficult and dangerous.  He got a plan and wanted to implement it. For that, he shaved his head. He called his wife and without explaining much about the case, he said “we have to go to the area and act like searching for rented home”. She didn’t object to go with him as she knew him very well. The couple entered the area. They were going to every home in their list. She was enquiring about rented home nearby while Pranav was observing the home and their surroundings.  They almost visited all the homes in their list and reached the end of the colony. Pranav observed a rice storage factory at the end of the colony. While he enquired about the factory, he came to know that it was the MLA’s factory. He surmised on it and wanted go inside. But how? He was thinking about it and observing the surroundings. He saw some palmyra toddy labors working on palmyra trees back to the factory.  Immediately he got an idea. That day night, he met a palmyra toddy labor, asked him to observe what was happening in the factory all the time. That labor climbed the tallest tree and observed the things were going on in the factory for the whole day.

                The next day the labor met Pranav and explained what he saw and told, some cans were taken out from office room and loaded to lorries along with the rice packets in the evening time. Pranav was very happy with that information as he got the evidence which can be proved. And he gave some amount to the labor and warned him not to tell anyone about this. Pranav met the inspector Raghuram and explained everything he collected till now about the case. Raghuram was very happy and appreciated Pranav for his effort. 

Raghuram gave orders to ride on the factory. A team along with Raghuram and Pranav went to the factory when the MLA was not in the city. The team was spread across the factory and searching for Sara. Raghuram and Pranav went into office room; they saw nothing in the room. Employees in the factory told Raghuram that there was nothing. Pranav stepped on a thin door mat next to him. He felt like something under it. He removed the door mat and saw a type of door. He opened it. There was storage under the ground. Raghuram along with his team went inside and found lots of cans with Sara. They seized everything, put them on their vehicles and arrested the staff working there and registered a case against them.