Friday, September 10, 2010

I felt today as Friday. When I went to gym at 7.30pm, very few were at gym doing their business. After 1hour, I came out and have seen very silent and lonely campus. Daily at this time, I could see people running to catch their busses, people sitting in the play ground and chit chatting among themselves, little crowd at food court. Today, I could not see any of these. I was going to food court; suddenly I realize that tomorrow is holiday to the campus as it is Ramzan. They got 3 days holidays continuously. Hence, every one left the office campus very early to catch their trains to go their home town. Of course, I am also going to my home town, not today but tomorrow evening. This time my trip would be for 10 days. So, there will be no office, no official works, no client meetings, no status updates and no reporting for 10days.
Hope I will remember (very difficult task in my life) all my ids, passwords and my works after my vacation.