Saturday, August 28, 2010

Internal Badminton selections

Today, we had internal badminton selections for the registered employees. Winners of this selection process will be participated in our organization’s inter unit badminton capitations. I too registered as I was very much interested in the Badminton. Almost 8months later, 2day only I handed rocket, so as expected I was not in the form. Selection process began. I was the first participant in the list as my name starts with “A”. I was called to play singles with my colleague. We both played trail for some time with new shuttle cock. Umpire came, called us for toss. I asked my opponent to choose. Umpire threw the coin up, he (my opponent) chose head. The coin was down on the ground and it shown heads. I lost my toss (which is very common to me. I rarely win toss :) ). He chose to serve first. As I am lazy, I didn’t want to move from my court where I stood.
Umpire explained the rules of the game. Game was for 21 points and every out will lead opponent to gain a point. The game was started. The first serve, he gave shuttle very high and back. I though it was going out of the court, but felt down in the back box. He started his score card with the first shot it self. He continued his sever for second point, I could let it down. Hence my score board was started to get count.
I got shuttle to do my first serve in the match. By the time, he took serve from me; I could able to score 4 points. I got enough confidence to continue my play. From that point, I let down all his services. After 15mins of game, our score board was 14(me) & 7 (my opponent). Two of my project mates also registered for the selections. They stood next to the court. They started encourage me. But they didn’t know, my energy was completely down. I could not even move to pick the cock. It could happen, if you play directly after 8 months of gap. The match was continued. Score became 15-10, 16-12, 17-17, 18-21.
Game over. He won the game. Umpire told me not needed to stay there in the court and its surrounding :). So, I returned to my desk and continued with my work.